Give Food & Supplies

Every donation helps those in need


Every night we give out clothing that has been donated to us, it is presented on a rack where those in need can go and get an item they may be short off, a rain coat during storms, socks that are worn out, or just more presentable/clean clothing.

Hats, Beanies, Scarves

Sweaters, t-shirts, tank tops

Jeans, Shorts, Skirts

Socks, Shoes, Sandals


Every night out loyal volunteers spend from 4pm till 9.30pm cooking, serving and cleaning. Every food donation goes a long way, these can be anything including canned tomatoes, large baked casseroles, or left-over food from an event!

Large Canned Tomatoes

Large Pre-Cooked meals




As with food comes supplies, we go through a vast amount of heavy duty paper plates, plastic/wooden cutlery, cleaning supplies and everything else that goes into a restaurants kitchen. A donation of any of the above is appreciated and always in need.

Heavy Duty Paper Plates

Plastic/Wooden Cutlery

Cleaning products and cloths

industrial s/steel food containers