Frequently Asked Questions

Hollywood Food Coalition

Do you have to be a certain age to volunteer?

Yes. For Meal Prep, Meal Service and at the Community Exchange, you need to be at least 15 years old.

Is there a dress code to volunteer in the kitchen?

Yes, for both Meal Prep and Meal Service.
SHOES - Comfortable, close toed shoes. No open toed shoes or sandals please.
CLOTHING - Comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty.
HAIR - Long hair has to be pulled back and tied. Bring a hat as both men and women have to have their hair covered

Is there anything else I need to bring or be aware of for my shift?

MASKS - Everyone must wear a mask that covers both the nose and mouth at all times. We have some disposable ones for use.
PERSONAL BELONGINGS - We encourage people to just bring the absolute essentials. We don't have lots of space for coats, purses and backpacks. If you bring those items, we ask you to lock them in your trunk if you are driving.
WATER BOTTLE - Bring a bottle, as we don’t have single-use plastic water bottles.
Otherwise, we have everything you need for your shift at the kitchen or the street.

Where do I park if I'm volunteering for Meal Prep?

WEEKDAYS - We are not allowed to park on The Salvation Army campus. There is street parking available along the south side of Hollywood Blvd, Bronson and Carlos. Parking on Hollywood Blvd is limited to 2 hours please remember to move if you are joining us for the full meal prep shift.
WEEKENDS - We are allowed to park on The Salvation Army campus on Saturdays and Sundays.

Where do I park if I'm volunteering for Meal Service?

WEEKDAYS - After 5 pm, we are allowed to park on The Salvation Army campus. Please do no park on the campus before 5 pm.
WEEKENDS - We serve on the corner of Orange and Romaine during the weekends. Park near there.

Where do I park if I'm volunteering at The Community Exchange?

The Exchange is locate at the Hollywood United Methodist Church on the corner of Hignland and Franklin. You can either park in their lot or on Hillcrest.

Where should I show up for my shift and at what time?

MEAL PREP - The shift begins at 1:30pm, 7-days a week at our kitchen at The Way In on the Salvation Army campus at 5939 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028. The building is located on the East side of the main drive. You can enter through the blue framed glass door closest to Hollywood Blvd, sign into the visitor log and the front desk staff will buzz you back to the kitchen where you can meet the lead cook.
MEAL SERVICE WEEKDAYS - The shift begins at 5:30pm at the same location (5939 Hollywood Blvd) Monday - Friday.
MEAL SERVICE WEEKENDS - We serve our meal on the corner of Orange and Romaine. Our driver arrives at the location around 6:15pm where we set-up, serve and then break down & clean up.
THE COMMUNITY EXCHANGE - Is located at The Hollywood United Methodist C. on the Corner of Franklin and Highland. You enter off of Hillcrest Rd. Text 323-347-7907 and someone will meet you at the security door when you arrive

Can I edit or cancel my sign-up?

Yes. You can edit the details of your sign-up or cancel by logging back into Sign-Up Genius with the original E-Mail and password you used for your sign-up. Once you have logged in, navigate to Sign-Ups, then the “Invited To” section where you should see any shifts you are currently signed up for. You can edit the details of your sign-up (number of attendees, comments, etc.) by clicking the pencil icon to the right, or cancel your sign up by clicking on the X icon.

What if I’m running late or need to cancel last minute?

If you have the contact information for any of your shift leads, please do text or call them in advance and let them know you are running late or are unable to make it. If not, you can try our kitchen line at 323-462-2032 and whoever answers can pass on the information. As a last resort, you can always E-Mail us at