Governor Newsom and the state of California Public Health Officer have jointly issued STAY AT HOME orders for all individuals living in The State of California.

The Hollywood Food Coalition provides essential services to the most vulnerable people in our community and therefore is EXEMPT from that order.

We are allowed to continue our nightly meal program as long as we follow important health regulations.

We have altered our service logistics to provide a full, healthy, packaged takeaway meal rather than a seated meal in our dining room.  This takeaway format is being implemented at our weekday and weekend locations.

As always, our primary concern is for the health and safety of our community: those we serve, our volunteers and our staff. So please click HERE to view the safety protocols we are doing to ensure everyone’s safety.

We believe it is critical, now more than ever, to the health & well-being of our vulnerable clients that we continue to push forward in our mission of feeding and serving the immediate needs of the hungry.

To achieve this, we continue to rely on all of you in our Hollywood Food Coalition community. Our regular volunteer shifts remain open, and one of the most critical components of continuing our efforts. You can continue to sign-up to volunteer HERE.

By following the updated procedures and guidelines from State, Federal & Local agencies, we believe our program remains safe for volunteers.


1,500,000 meals since 1987.

Every night since 1987, the Hollywood Food Coalition has served a hot meal for those in need.
We love helping but rely entirely on your support. Volunteer or donate today. Every hour and every dollar makes a difference.
Where ever you are in life, be respectful and courteous to those in need, you haven’t walked in their shoes.









Mission Statement

The mission of the Hollywood Food Coalition is to feed and serve the immediate needs of the hungry every night of the year so they can build better lives.

We accomplish this through our consistent nightly Community Dinner, which feeds a hot, nutritious meal to the hungry and homeless 7 nights a week, 365 days a year, as we have done every night since 1987.  We also help our clients access services such as housing navigation, medical services, and job placement, and we also provide additional basic needs such as clothing, shoes, backpacks, blankets, laundry tokens, sleeping bags, hygiene kits and more.

Our Vision is a city where everyone has food, community, and support.

We Can Change Everything Together.

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