Mission & Vision

The mission of Hollywood Food Coalition is to feed and serve the immediate needs of the hungry every day of the year so they can build better lives.

Our vision is a city where everyone has food, community, and support.

We turn mission and vision into reality by doing a number of things.

We welcome people to dinner each night. We rescue and redistribute food daily to other organizations. We care for our immediate community through our wellness program. We build community with and through our volunteers and community partnerships.

  • We are Responsive

  • We are Consistent

  • We provide Choice

  • We build Community

Our Community Dinner

Our Community Dinner serves over 80,000 nutritious meals to low-income and food-insecure persons in Hollywood, CA each year.

We see more people every day than any other social service provider in Hollywood. We are the only consistent nightly meal service between Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles.

Our dinner nourishes and replenishes energy and hope. We get to know our guests, build trust, and work to connect them with other agencies to access housing, psychological and medical services, and employment services.

To learn more about our Community Dinner, click here.

Community Exchange

Our Community Exchange serves the needs of vulnerable populations throughout Los Angeles County by ensuring partner nonprofit social service agencies have regular access to high-quality food to serve their clients.

We rescue and distribute close to two million pounds of food each year and distribute it to our nonprofit partners. That means over a million meals each year are shared with those who otherwise would not be able to eat.

Who does this help?  The unhoused, at-risk teens, veterans, those living with disabilities, domestic abuse survivors, low-income seniors, and anyone else who is struggling.

To learn more about our Community Exchange, click here.

People loading fresh produce

Community Wellness

Food is only one part of wellness.  Each night, as we serve our dinner, we engage with people who are often struggling profoundly with basic survival. If you can’t find a bathroom, you can’t shower, or you don’t have shoes, it is pretty hard to think about improving your life.

We begin by providing new clothes, shoes, blankets, laundry vouchers, hygiene items, and cold and hot weather gear. 

We also bring medical and vision care with onsite UCLA mobile clinics. 

We connect clients with showers, rent assistance programs, substance abuse programs, housing, and employment services.

To learn more about our Community Wellness, click here.

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