Community Exchange

Receive Food and Essentials

Our goal is to supply social service nonprofits with food they need, when they want it, so they can focus on their missions. Our recipients are able to reduce their food budgets, while improving their client outcomes.

The Exchange Is Built for Recipients

We started as a kitchen that cooked every meal with donated food. It’s hard to do that. Especially when donations come and go at random. And when they do arrive, the quantities and qualities are varied. If you ask us, there’s a better way. We’re driven to prove it.

The Exchange goes to great lengths to learn about your organization, your programs, and the populations you serve. We’ll learn what your capacity constraints are and the types of food your clients love. We’ll do our best to accommodate all of it, collecting feedback as we work together.

We think this is pretty exciting, and we hope you do too. Please fill out our initial inquiry form, and we’ll contact you with further information. Together, we’ll change the food rescue and redistribution game.

Partner with the Exchange

We’re working hard to bring as many recipients into our program as we can, and we’ll continue to grow our partnerships as we increase our food donations. 

If you’d like to join, please fill out our initial inquiry form here. 

Of course, if you’d like to speak to one of our team members, feel free to email () or call (323) 347-7907, we’d love to hear from you!

Interested in Receiving Food?

How It Works

Once we receive your inquiry, we’ll send you an intake form and give you a call. Whenever we add a new recipient, we learn as much as we can about their organization through our intake form and onboarding phone call. When we’re done, we’ll thoroughly understand your services, the populations you serve, your capacity constraints, and your food service goals so we can intelligently match your organization with food donations on a schedule that works. That’s just the beginning. Once you’re in our program, we’ll continue to build our relationship with you on a personal level. We’ll be in tune with your program changes and collect feedback on our services, so we can make continual improvements to how we help you. Food is personal, and we want it to feel that way for our recipients.


While our primary focus is sharing food, we also collect supplies and non-food essentials, such as clothing, masks, sleeping bags, and hygiene kits. When available, we will share with recipient organizations that can distribute these items to their clients.