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Thank you for supporting our mission and contributing to our work!

You are helping us build a more compassionate, just, and caring community. Your donation provides unhoused and low-income neighbors with high-quality meals, basic necessities such as clothing, shoes and hygiene supplies, and access to medical, wellness and housing resources. You also help us recover and distribute food and other items to over 125 nonprofits across Los Angeles, so they can build stronger programs in their communities.


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Become a Coalition Sustaining Member

You can make even more of a difference by setting a recurring contribution and becoming a Coalition Sustaining Member.

We’re here for our community every day of the year. Your recurring gift ensures that our Community Dinner, Community Wellness, and Community Exchange programs can provide consistency and choice, as well as remain responsive to the changing needs of the community.

Illustration by Bea Barros @beilymakes

Why become a Coalition Sustaining Member?

  • Have a consistent impact on your community
  • Receive monthly updates on the impact of your donation
  • Meet the team and recipients behind your donation
  • Receive early insights into the projects you are helping to fund
  • Receive a tour of the programs you’re supporting
  • Be the first to know about any upcoming HoFoCo events  
  • Receive exclusive invitations to special HoFoCo events
  • Get entered in tickets raffles for signature yearly events

Your Impact

  • Friend $10/month
    • Every month you’re providing a meal for three people
  • Supporter $35/month
    • Every month you’re providing three meals for a family of four
  • Patron $50/month
    • Every month you’re providing four meals for four people
  • Provider $100/month
    • Every month you’re providing four meals for two families of four
  • Ally $250/month
    • Every month you’re providing a daily meal for three people
  • Benefactor $500/month
    • Every month you’re providing a daily meal for two families of three
  • Champion $1000/month
    • Every month you’re providing a daily meal for 11 people in need

What some sustaining members have to say

I donate because I got to see first-hand, on the ground, what a difference that food and that nourishment, that care, that look, that touch make in people’s lives: whether it’s the regulars who are coming through, individuals with mental health issues, or some families that have been put out, people need to eat and this is a beautiful safety net for people that are just overlooked. Unfortunately in this country, there isn’t a social system that is supportive of a lot of folks so I know the beautiful work HoFoCo is continuously doing is important.

I grew up in Northern California and began volunteering in rescue missions at a very young age. My dad was a physician and ran a free medical clinic at the missions – my siblings and I would often attend the clinic with him where we would serve food and play music. Despite this exposure, upon moving to LA to pursue my Ph.D., I was shocked and unexpectedly impacted by the extent of homelessness in the city. When I came across HoFoCo, I was impressed with the humanity with which they have intersected the LA homeless community – a quality reminiscent of my dad treating patients who had no means to repay him. Wanting to volunteer at the time but being limited by time and money as a grad student, I committed to one day supporting the efforts of HoFoCo. Now, although I find myself living on the East Coast, I continue to support monthly the work of HoFoCo in their effort to curb food insecurity in Los Angeles.

Since discovering HoFoCo 12 years ago, it has been an honor to be a regular volunteer and donor. I truly believe in the work of this organization and feel confident making financial contributions to HoFoCo because I know that every penny is valued, and is used to improve the lives of the hungry and homeless population of Los Angeles.

Some of Our Generous Partners


Other Ways to Contribute

Thank you for considering HoFoCo as a beneficiary of your generosity!

  • Donate through a Donor-Advised Fund, for a tax-efficient charitable donation
  • Celebrate your or someone else’s birthday by making a donation in their name, or set up a fundraiser: we will provide you with all the tools 
  • Make HoFoCo part of your legacy by listing us as honorary of your will, trust, retirement plan or insurance policy
  • Maximize your tax savings by donating stock
  • Include Hollywood Food Coalition in your planned giving to prolong your legacy
  • Donate your car, boat or RV

For any questions about any of the above options please contact Linda Pianigiani at

Hollywood Food Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 46-4079214), and your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

If you would prefer to donate by check, please post to:

Hollywood Food Coalition PO Box 480157, Los Angeles, CA 90048