About Community Building

Hollywood Food Coalition works to strengthen the community tapestry.

Groups that come together to work on joint activities are the essence of community. Together, they can effectively influence resource availability and strengthen social ties and relationships.

There are many people and organizations working hard throughout our city to help those in need, each with their own focus and expertise. Yet, no one person or group can solve these daunting problems on their own.

We work to improve lives by coming together as a community.

The most effective way to improve the lives of those who struggle with poverty and homelessness is to come together as a community. This reduces duplication of services and resources and improves outcomes of those seeking help by accessing services.

We share food, knowledge, and resources to create innovative collaborations.

The Hollywood Food Coalition crosses artificial geographic city boundaries to develop collaborations that serve the needs of low-income or unhoused individuals. Sharing food, knowledge, and resources increases the quality and the accessibility of services provided across the city.

Our vision is to create a resilient city where everybody has food, community, and support.

We believe

Social disintegration is a result of a disconnect between organizations and the people they serve, as well as a disconnect among and between organizations themselves.

Organizations can work together to identify barriers to accessing services and create ways to eliminate them or build new service models to provide more responsive service delivery.

Discovering ways to remove barriers and obstacles to needed assistance will greatly improve the rate at which people can be served.

Effectively helping others requires many unique and diverse approaches and options.

The people we serve provide valuable insight, information and feedback that informs and improves how community stakeholders can effectively assist them.

Our Goals

Address the needs

of persons living in poverty and experiencing food insecurity by creating consistent and effective food-centered programs.

Identify and cultivate

additional sources of delicious, edible food that would otherwise be thrown away, and share it with a wide variety of partner social service agencies by growing our Exchange Program.

Expand the availability

of nutritious meals to low-income and poor individuals, free from the stigma often associated with free meal programs, by creating a restaurant style, dignified, inviting Community Dinner experience.

Grow and expand

the types and variety of services offered during both daytime and evening hours by addressing:

• Basic emergency needs
• Clothing
• Housing
• Health
• Employment

Assist our clients

beyond their urgent needs in order to:

• Improve their skills
• Engage their creativity
• Improve their personal wellness
• Expand self-sufficiency
• Connect with their community

Work with other

organizations to create unique and diverse approaches to address:

• Poverty eradication
• Community mental health services
• Varied housing models
• Employment options