About Our Community Exchange

Innovating Food Rescue & Redistribution

Hollywood Food Coalition’s Community Exchange is a free, concierge food service aimed at providing small to medium-sized social service nonprofits the food they need, when they want it, so they can focus on their missions.

As a kitchen ourselves, we understand the struggle to find and acquire food in the right quantities and at the right time through the current food bank model. The Exchange is changing how all of that works. Our careful recipient intake and feedback process, paired with our innovative food rescue data-tracking system, allows us to create a concierge model that works better for all recipients.

By the Numbers

From 2020 to 2024

Over 500



Pounds of Food Rescued

Over 160

Nonprofit Recipients

Some of Our Generous Partners

The Community Exchange is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing GHG emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment — particularly in disadvantaged communities. The Cap-and-Trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution. California Climate Investments projects include affordable housing, renewable energy, public transportation, zero-emission vehicles, environmental restoration, more sustainable agriculture, recycling, and much more. At least 35 percent of these investments are located within and benefiting residents of disadvantaged communities, low-income communities, and low-income households across California. For more information, visit the California Climate Investments website.

Receive Food for Your Nonprofit

Revamping the Food Bank Model

We’re revamping the current food bank model to help nonprofits with their meal programs. Working with us, they can choose the food they’d like and when they’d like to receive it. This allows organizations to plan ahead and avoid becoming overwhelmed with random food drop-offs.

We take great care in learning about your organization, the populations you serve, and the services you provide. We will help set up a plan that works for you.

Volunteer to Help Us Distribute Food

We move thousands of pounds of food in and out every day to make sure it feeds people across Los Angeles. It’s a fun, yet challenging process that we can’t do without our wonderful volunteers!

You Can Choose How You’d Like to Help

We have opportunities ranging from “chill” – such as packaging food into shareable quantities – to “fast-paced workout replacement,” helping us move and store pallets of food around our facility.

Help with Intake, Sorting, and Sharing

Our volunteers play an integral role throughout our intake, sorting, and sharing processes to ensure food we receive is efficiently distributed to our hardworking recipient agencies.

We want you to join our Exchange Volunteer Team!


We’re telling the story of our donors, recipients, and volunteers in our video series. Tune in to keep up with what’s been happening and learn more about the wild world of rescuing food and sharing it with people in need. If you’d like a video, and you donate food, receive food, or volunteer with us, let us know! We’d love to share your contribution with the community.