Sunday Lunch Bags Initiative

Born in March 2020 from a partnership between Hang Out Do Good, a loose-knit activist group, and HoFoCo, the Sunday Lunch Bags initiative has provided over 710,000 lunch bags to food-insecure individuals across Los Angeles.

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Here are some numbers about this collaborative effort of HODG and HoFoCo:

HODG Sunday Lunch Bag 4-Year Anniversary

We are so incredibly grateful for all the individuals, families, students, parents, teachers, volunteers, drivers, coordinators, and staff that make this possible!

A special thank you to Bonita Friedericy who has lead the work on the HoFoCo side since the very beginning, our staff member Dougald Park who supports her, and to Jennifer Levin and Helen Eigenberg from HODG for their continued support and advocacy.

“It is true that a lot of love goes into the lunches and as with all the other sandwich makers in the city they are sent out packed with positive vibes and encouragement. We always hope that somehow the recipient knows that someone somewhere really does care for them as another human being on the same level. We are rooting for each sandwich eater that better days are ahead of them.”

Fiona Heyes

“We are so blessed to be part of a program that does so much to give back to the community! Since 2020 we have made lunches for Hollywood Food Coalition’s Sunday lunch program which besides providing well balanced food is delivered in bags with water color and ink images. The images on the bags relate to the time of year or seasons and hopefully bring a smile, and offers some positivity and hope to those who receive them relaying a message that someone cares and that they are not alone.    

Stanley and I have also created new friendships with people in our own community, who are passionate about giving back and coming together to  make these lunches.  Nick and Hazel Butterfield Tate have spearheaded our group, and Hazel sends out a newsletter every week to inspire all of us.”

Stanley Felderman and Nancy Keatinge

“I am saddened to know that there is such an inequity in the world, but grateful we can be part of a support group that cares and wants to make a difference,  I hope that my art helps makes someone’s day a little better.”

Stanley Felderman